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❤️ An Ode to Mamas Around the World

Mama. Such a simple word that stands for something so profound. Moms don't just bring us into the world - they walk us through it, step by step.

I remember one morning when I was in elementary school, my mama woke me up with a huge smile. In a giddy voice, she exclaimed, “I added something to the house. Can you find it?” My mama was always finding small ways to give life a little more pizazz.

It was an early morning but surprises always got me out of bed quickly. I ran around frantically looking for the surprise. As I ran passed the bathroom, I noticed five little toy pigs sitting on the top of a painting. I giggled. The pigs were each the size of the quarter and each of them represented a member of our immediate family. I loved my mom’s ability to turn even the most mundane day into an adventure.

The pigs looked pretty dang cute in that bathroom. For years to come, those pigs brought me so much joy because they reminded me of her. She taught me that some of the most special memories in life are made of just small moments and little giggles; but there is nothing small about the love they etch on our hearts.

My mama's free spirit and infectious energy brought so much joy to my childhood. This Mother's Day, I challenge you to think about exactly what makes your mom unique and special and the small ways she has brought joy into your life.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for Mother's Day has always been tough for me. There isn't a gift that could ever tell my mom how grateful I am for her love, her support, and all the joy she has brought to my life. I just hope to give her a gift that makes her smile and makes her feel special.

I put together a special gift guide in preparation for Mother's Day. Check out our top gift suggestions for every mom below.

🌿 The Garden Lover

My mama always loved to garden on Mother's Day. We would go pick out plants and then plant them together. For moms who love to garden, this is the perfect gift box and includes gardening gloves, a seed set, and shea butter hand cream. $60 at lemon drop gifts

Bonus Points: Grab yourself a pair of gardening gloves and spend Mother's Day planting the seeds with your mama.

🧩 The Puzzle Queen

If your mom loves the challenge of a puzzle - this is the perfect gift. This kit comes with glue so you can enjoy this beautiful piece of art after it's put together. The gorgeous illustration is by Alja Horvat, a student in Ljubljana, working on her degree at the University of Natural Sciences and Engineering. $49 at Jiggy Puzzles

Bonus Points: Spend time with your mama on Mother's Day putting the puzzle together.

💦The Clean Beauty Junkie

If your mama loves beauty products, give her the gift that keeps on giving: a subscription to a clean beauty box. You can purchase 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions.

$54 - $180 at Petit Vour

🌺 The Hustler

I can't think of a mom who doesn't deserve to be pampered! This gift basket is the perfect pampering gift and includes items to help her relax and unwind. Plus, 5% of the proceeds are donated to making childbirth and pregnancy safe for every mother, globally. $215 at our green house

Bonus Points: Put on a clay face mask with your mom and spend Mother's Day sipping tea and reminiscing.

🍷 The Wine Connoisseur

If your mom loves wine, I can't think of a better gift than a subscription to a Wine Club. Prepay for 3 months of this subscription to extend Mother's Day. Each subscription box includes 4 bottles of small-batch, sustainably grown wines that have a variety of flavor profiles. $330+ at Plonk Wine Club

Bonus Points: Make your mom an h'dourves plate on Mother's day and share one of the bottles of wine together.

🌱 The Avid Plant Lover

If your mom loves indoor plants, give her the gift that lasts - gorgeous succulents. These succulents come pre-planted in a gift box. $110 at Lula's Garden

Bonus Points: Include a succulent-themed ode-to-mom poem to add a homemade touch.

🧀 The Gourmet Eater

This gourmet box was designed with moms in mind. It's perfect for moms who love gourmet, delicious food. It includes olive oil chocolate, extra virgin olive oil, tea drops, shea butter hand cream, an adorable honey bee tea towel, hand sanitizer, and a cheese board with knives. $100 at Small Packages

Bonus Points: Bring some cheese and basil and lay a blanket down in the front

yard to sit on.

🔨The Do-It-Yourself-er

Finished flower bouquets are overrated. Where's the fun in that? With this gift, you receive the stems and instructions and get to make the bouquet yourself. So for the moms who like to roll up their sleeves and learn something new - this is the perfect spin on a traditional flower bouquet. $99 at petalled

Bonus Points: Read the instructions with your mom and create the beautiful bouquet together.

☕ The Caffeine Addict

Who doesn't love a great coffee and chocolate pairing? This box includes 8 gourmet coffees and 8 paired chocolate bars. Plus calories don't count on Mother's Day! $68 at Bean Box

Bonus Points: Set up a picnic tasting for your

mom and spend time tasting together.

🖍️ The Creative Crafter

If your mom is creative and loves to get crafty, this is the perfect gift for her. This crafting bundle comes with all tools and materials for you both to learn the art of pyrography on artisan cheese boards.

Bonus Points: Make some tea and cookies and set up a tea party on your craft table. Sip tea and learn a new art skill together!


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