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And now... Easter!

Can you believe that we are about to enter... spring? And that means that Easter is just around the corner! Easter, a celebration of hope, renewal, and new beginnings, is a wonderful time to spread joy and warmth through thoughtful gifts. This year Easter is Sunday, March 31. As always, we aim to bring you unique and artisanal gifting suggestions and recommendations for every holiday and Easter is no different!

Filling your kids' Easter baskets with chocolate bunnies is all fun and games until you have to deal with the sugar meltdowns. This year try filling their Easter baskets with some of our fun gift ideas. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Paint Your Own Squishies Kit

How cute are these squishy toys? These cute toys come with a four-color paint palette so your kids can create their own cute, squishy toy. We are big fans of arts and crafts so your kids can let their creative outlets flow. Please note that this is not for children under 3 years since it has small parts.

DIY Beaded Headbands Kit

If one of your kids dreams of being a princess, this Easter basket treat is sure to delight! This craft includes everything needed to make four child-sized headbands including: decorative beads, threading tray, headbands, and of course, instructions. The headbands are giving us spring vibes already.

Leon the Dragon Giant Floor Puzzle

This beautiful puzzle will keep your kids entertained for hours and we all know what a feat that is. This puzzle includes 58 large puzzle pieces and when put together measures 4.5' wide. Your kids will love the challenge of putting together the beautiful dragon.

Mushroom Cottage Air Fort

If your family does a shared Easter basket for the whole family, this air fort will be quite the treat. The fort inflates in less than 30 seconds with a standard box fan (not included) and when inflated is big enough for adults to join in on the fun. Forts > candy. All day, everyday.

Magical Creature in My Pocket Tees

How cute are these tees? Choose from a pink shirt with a unicorn or a dark blue shirt with a dragon. These mythical friends button right into the pocket of the shirts so your kids can take them anywhere and everywhere they go.

Magic Wash-off Party Polish

These water-based nail polishes are free of toxic chemicals so your little ones can enjoy painting their nails without the health hazards of traditional nail polish. The polish does not require nail polish remover but comes off with just soap and water. Sounds like a win-win! wishes you a joyous Easter filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of cherished moments with family and friends. May this season of renewal bring you and your family a renewed sense of happiness.


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