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Hearts Don't Care About Bank Accounts: How To Do Valentine's Day on a Budget

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays! When I was young, my mama would give us fun socks on Valentine's Day. In the evening, we would eat lobster and fancy desserts that my dad would pick up from a local Italian bakery on his way home from work. It always felt like a day worth celebrating and of course, it still does!

If you are on a tight budget this Valentine's Day, forget about the jewelry, forget about the fancy dinner, and get busy! There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day without dropping a pretty penny. Check out our fun budget-friendly Valentine's Day celebration ideas below.

Plan an indoor picnic!

What you'll need:

  • A floor blanket

  • Food

  • Drinks

  • Candles for extra romance

  • Dessert

For food, finger-foods are easiest for a floor picnic. Try a charcuterie board with cheese, fruit, crackers, and some deli-meats. You can add olives, chocolate, and other fun treats too! Check out some fun board ideas below.

For drinks, champagne is always a romantic, celebratory drink. We love Ohza mimosa-style drinks as they pack all the fun with 80% less sugar and 60% less calories. Ohza comes in four flavors including Classic Mimosa, Classic Bellini, Mango Mimosa, and Cranberry Mimosa.

If you aren't old enough to buy alcohol or you don't drink, try a fun, non-alcoholic alternative. Our favorites are hiyo sparkling social tonic or Kin euphorics. Serve in special glasses for a romantic twist!

Try making your own dessert for a tasty treat! A brownie or cookie sundae is a delicious treat that is relatively easy to make. Plus, if you run out of time, you can pick up brownie or cookie mix from the baking isle. We promise that your secret is safe with us! 😜 If you are up for a challenge, try making chocolate-dipped strawberries!

Ta-da! You suddenly just planned a romantic evening all on your own! ♥️

Plan a romantic movie night.

What you'll need:

  1. Movie snacks

  2. Drinks

  3. A romantic movie

The beauty about planning your own romantic evening is that you can make it your own! Choose to buy traditional movie snacks like popcorn and candy or make a chocolate dessert for a Valentine's day twist. Pair with champagne or wine for a festive movie night.

Pre-pick a movie ahead of time so that you can focus on the evening. Some of our favorite romantic movies are:

  1. The Notebook

  2. Titanic

  3. Dirty Dancing

  4. The Photograph

  5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

  6. Love & Basketball

  7. When Harry Met Sally

  8. The Fault in Our Stars

  9. The Bodyguard

  10. Hitch

  11. You've Got Mail

  12. A Walk to Remember

  13. The Proposal

  14. Brokeback Mountain

  15. Crazy, Stupid, Love.

  16. A Star is Born

Valentine's Day is about romance and planning a special night for you and your love is the most romantic thing you can do! It's not about the money, it's about the effort. Let us know your Valentine's Day plans in the comments below. Happy Valentine's Day from to you!

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