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Happy Mother's Day ❤️

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful, giving, loving mothers across the world. We appreciate you. We see you. And we celebrate you!

This Mother's Day, we wanted to try something new and so we asked you to submit stories/memories/notes about your mama for a chance to be featured in this blog. And wow, did ya'll deliver! Check out the featured stories below.


One story or memory could never do my mama justice. Sure, it might capture her in a particularly memorable moment, but it doesn't capture her everyday essence, and it's the "ordinary" moments that really make her special.

I believe that the greatest gift my mama gave to my siblings and I was a childhood. My siblings and I remained ignorant to the fact that my mama had actual adult worries because she continued to make our world feel safe and still, even when her world was shifting. I've tried to savor & preserve the unadulterated memories, laughs, and comforts from my childhood and I believe that these have helped me mature and grow as an adult.

There is not enough time nor words to tell my mama 'thank you' for all the moments she put our needs above hers. When I was in high school, my mama used to wake up before 5 am on the weekends to make me waffles or pancakes before I went to work at 6 am. I'm sure she was absolutely exhausted after working all week but she never failed to be there and she always did it with a smile.

To my mama - Thank you for bringing so much light and energy to my life. You always managed to make the most mundane days feel fun and exciting. Thank you for remaining such a dedicated mother to Jess, Steven, and I. I appreciate all the times you continued to give to us when you had already given so much. The older I get, the more I understand how much you sacrificed. I love you with my whole being and always will.

- Abbee, Co-Founder (Pictured above with her mama, Audrey)


When I was five years old, my baby sister died of SIDS. I knew my mom was completely heartbroken but she never crumbled. She remained a very present and committed mom to me. It wasn't until I had a baby of my own, that I could even possibly understand what that pain must of been like for her. I am so grateful for her resilience and her ability to persevere in the face of adversity.

- Jean


Growing up, I knew my mom as the most caring, comforting person in the world. She was the kind of mom you dream of having when you’re sick. She was the type of mom to always check in on you and make sure you were comfy and well fed. Were you too cold? Were you too warm? Did you want any snacks? Were you thirsty? Did you want a blanket? There’s lots to eat in the fridge! So on, and so on…

In addition, she was totally unconditional with this kind of love. It didn’t matter if I had recently messed up, or was being a total pain-in-the-ass. Sure, she would get frustrated with me in the moment, but she would still continue to be this caring kind of mom. In my teenage years, I know I took it for granted. I simply wasn’t pleasant to be around. Still, she never stopped being sweet in this way.

One particular example of my mom’s unconditional love stands out to me. As I became 18, I struggled a lot with addiction. I became particularly addicted to opiates, and developed a bad opiate addiction for a of couple years. It reached a pinnacle when I was found out by my parents. Technically, it was the second time they had caught me using. I was awakened that morning by a splash of water in the face from my father. If you’ve never been woken up by someone throwing a cold glass of water in your face, you simply haven’t lived! Obviously, my parents were furious and incredibly hurt. They demanded answers as to why I was doing this to myself. I became emotional because I knew how broken I had become. That day I had to quit using. I didn’t have a lot of other options anyway, and I’m obviously glad I decided to quit! However, I had to start by going through a painful withdrawal process. The next day, I was miserably lying on the couch watching TV and really getting into the thick of my withdrawals. Around lunch time, my mom came in with a tray of comfort food and veggies. She enthusiastically said “Mom’s Detox Lunch Service!” That did get a smile out of me.

At the time I didn’t think a lot about it, but as time has continued on that moment has stuck with me as a great example of my mom’s unconditional love. Even though I surely had caused my mom so much heartache and pain because of my addiction, she was still unhindered in providing the same sweet care-taking she always had to me ever since I was born. Not the most glamorous Mother’s Day moment, but one that stands out to me. I hope to continue showing my mom how much she means to me. Everyone’s mom has probably sacrificed so much for them. I know mine has sacrificed a lot and dealt with things that are above and beyond. That’s what Mother’s Day is about, showing moms how grateful you are for all they gave. I know mine certainly gave extra, and she deserves a lot this Mother’s Day. Thanks for everything Mom and know that I love you!

- Anonymous



You are kind and caring.

You are strong and determined.

You are honest and real.

You are resilient and persevering.

You are a hard worker.

Riding your bike anywhere, everywhere.

Being outside for hours.

Keeping up the garden and bees.

Thank you for everything.

I love you so much.

- Jess


My mom was a lady who prided herself on her looks. She enjoyed dressing up fancy and making a bit of a show. Fancy fur gloves in the winter. Stylish floral outfits in the spring. Flowing sun dresses in the summer. Then, striking autumn coats when the leaves began to turn. I know my dad loved showing her off as well. I have to admit, I was also often impressed even though fashion was never really my thing. We lived on the coast of North Carolina, and when summer came around we often went to the beach. My parents, myself, and my 3 sisters and 1 brother would pile into our mini-van and head for the coast. My mother was always so excited for the beach, and took it as an opportunity to get dressed up. As we would pull out of the driveway, she would be looking in the passenger-seat, overhead mirror. She would be checking on facial details, adjusting makeup, and re-applying an intense shade of lipstick. Even though she was excited to go to the beach, she was mostly excited to flaunt her dashing looks rather than jump into the surf. She didn’t spend all that time creating her look to just instantly destroy it when we got to the beach. When I was little, I remember I loved to make sandcastles. I imagined the medieval errands that castle citizens were up to as I used various sized buckets to construct different towers. I built walls, adorned towers with sticks and seashells, and even tried creating moats with seawater. I often had the same problem though. I had a kingdom, but no one to share it with! The rest of my siblings were not as cool as I, so they always opted out of the sandcastle building. I would sit there building and building, and eventually I would start to slow down and gaze around at other kids on the beach. My eyes quietly pleading for a castle buddy. Luckily, my mother always noticed this. She would look at me lonely in my kingdom and eventually crouch down in the sand to join me. I know it wasn’t an easy decision for her. I saw her a couple times looking at me having a little debate in her head about the damage the sand could potentially do to her sun dress and makeup, compared to the fun she could provide me by joining me. I was so lucky because I had a mom who really valued providing us a childhood filled with joy. She would always put aside her own needs to provide that for us. I love you mom and happy Mother’s Day!

- Anna


Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s day! Thank you for being such a role model. You have always been there for me and I will forever love you. I hope you have a special day.


Your Favorite SON



I've continually struggled with feeling a sense of belonging in the world as I was adopted when I was two years old. I’ve watched others compliment my sisters on their beautiful eyes that they inherited from my mother. One of my brothers has my dad’s sarcastic sense of humor, while one of my sisters has my mom’s laugh. As I teen, I felt like an orphan even though I had a family. I wanted to know where my impatience came from. Whose laugh did I inherit? What pieces of my birth family did I carry with me every day?

When I graduated from college, I remember looking at my adoptive parents sitting in the stadium cheering for me and felt this wave of gratitude and appreciation for them. My mom has always given me this unwavering sense of security and family. “We saved each other,” she would whisper to me every night before bed. She taught me that family runs deeper than sharing blood. It’s sharing love, experiences, and being there for each other when times get tough.

My bond with my mother is not because she carried me for 9 months. It’s not because I drank her milk or knew her voice. It’s because she raised me with love, generosity, and patience. She is the reason I walk, breathe, laugh, and love today.

- Jake


Thank you for all the wonderful submissions! There are not enough words in the English language to express what moms bring to this world. Happy Mother's Day! ❤️



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