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"You are the best mom" and other generic things we write in Mother's Day cards.

How many times have you written one of the following phrases in a Mother's Day card?

  • You are the best mom anyone could ask for.

  • I am so lucky to have you as my mom.

  • You are the best mom in the whole world.

You're not alone! I'm embarrassed to admit that there's been a time or two when I've written these boilerplate phrases on a card for my mom. This Mother's Day, challenges you to reach deeper and write something more unique, meaningful, and heart-warming for your mom.'s goal is to help you prepare for occasions with ease, so you can spend less time stressing and more time celebrating. With that goal in mind, we've put together some tips and tricks for writing the perfect message to your mom on Mother's Day.

Make it personal

✏️ Write: My favorite things about you are....

Tip: What is it you like most about your mom?

Her sense of humor?

Her caring spirit?

Her positive energy?

Her grit?

Her spontaneity?

Her work ethic?

Acknowledge what sacrifices she made to be your mom

✏️ Write: All the sacrifices that you've made as a mom mean more than words can express.

Tip: Don't forget to use an example. I remember my mom used to wake up at 5:30 am on the weekends to make me waffles before I had to go to work. Now that I'm adulting, I realize the inconvenience of waking up early every single weekend after working a full week.

Reminisce about your favorite memories with your mom

✏️ Write: One of my favorite memories with you was when....

Tip: Mother's Day is a great time to reminisce about special memories you share with her. It doesn't have to be a spectacular memory, just a memory that is meaningful.

Describe what gifts your mom has given you

✏️ Write: You have given me so much.

Tip: Don't forget to be specific. Looking back on how I grew up, one of the most valuable gifts my mom gave me was the gift of being a child. She made sure I felt safe, secure, stable, and loved. As I've gotten older, I realize how lucky I was to grow up in an environment that allowed me to be curious, innocent, excited, and grow into the woman I am today.

Describe how much she means to you

✏️ Write: It is hard for me to find words to describe how much you mean to me, but I'll try.

Tip: Even if you aren't a wordsmith - try describing what she means to you. Moms have done so much for us and the least we can do is try to tell them how much it means to us.

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9th this year! It is not too late pick out a card and write a message that is uniquely from your heart. Check out these cute cards below.

Show your mom how devoted to her you are with this plastic-free, recyclable card.

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Acknowledge your mom's great genes with this cute, plastic-free, recyclable card.

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This adorable, embroidered card is meant to also be a special keepsake for your mom. It fits in all standard size frames.

Remember that if you can't think of the right thing to say, a few words from the heart are always better than nothing. ♥️ Tell us what you are going to write in your Mother's Day card in the comments below.


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