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Finding a Gift for the Survivalist in Your Life

Who is a survivalist?

If you're reading this blog post, chances are you probably already know someone who is a survivalist, and you are interested in buying a gift for them. With that in mind, it will behoove us to go over what a survivalist is, and get ourselves in the survivalist mindset.

By definition, a survivalist is someone who practices survivalism. Survivalism is the practice of being able to survive in a variety of scenarios like being stuck in the wilderness, or various types of societal collapse. In many cases, a survivalist would test their skills by journeying into the woods with just a hatchet and the clothes on their back and attempt to stick it out for weeks/months on end. At the core, a survivalist wants to be able to withstand and thrive in any circumstance with any amount of resources. A popular example of survivalism can be seen on the TV show Naked and Afraid on The Discovery Channel. In the show, two self-proclaimed outdoor survivalists go into wild territory, like the Florida Everglades or the Serengeti, with ZERO clothing and just one tool of their choice. Now that's minimal resources!

So now that you have a good idea of what a survivalist is, let's break it down a little more.

The different varieties of survivalists

It's good to know that survivalists don't come in just one flavor. And this is important to think about when it comes to buying a gift for the survivalist in your life. So without further adieu, let's go over the various varieties of survivalists.

Primitive Skill Masters

These folks are all about hunting, making, and growing your own everything. They believe in integrating with nature and the planet, rather than exploiting it. So they are all about sustainably powered survival gear, learning how to make your own tools from natural resources, and leaving a minimal footprint wherever you go. They put homemade items on a pedestal, and love learning how to make things from scratch themselves. At the core of Primitive Skill Masters, is the desire to survive as much as you can on as little as possible. A Primitive Skill Master is kind of the archetypal survivalist.

Camping Enthusiasts

Camping Enthusiasts share a lot in common with Primitive Skill Masters in their love for nature. However, they are especially focused on camping gear that makes their camping experience and setup more enhanced. They are going to be eye-balling next-level tents and backpacks, awesome campfire starters, cool ways to cook food in the wild, and even hunting gear. They don't mind, and probably pride themselves on, wielding a lot of gear, gadgets, and gizmos. This love of extras is what sets them apart from the Primitive Skills Masters.

Apocalyptic Preppers

Here's a really interesting crew. You probably already know if the survivalist you are shopping for is an Apocalyptic Prepper. They've more than likely told you about the end-of-times theories they've got and the proof. The good news is, if the shit hits the fan, you're with the right human! These survivalists are often interested in tools that help them prepare for various doomsday scenarios. How do we operate if the grid is down? Where do we get our food from when groceries store are no more? How can we store the food we have so it will last as long as possible? These are the questions they want help answering, and if you find a gift that does that, then you've hit the mark.

Field Medic

The Field Medics are a more specific brand of survivalist who likes to focus on first-aid skills. They pride themselves on being able to treat and bandage wounds in any situation. A Field Medic may even know their average and best times for making things like splints, arm slings, and head bandages. Don't you dare ask them if they know CPR. That would be offensive. This survivalist loves medical gear and first aid tools that would make their wound survival skills even more enhanced.

Your survivalist is probably a blend

Now realize that the survivalist you are shopping for might not fit neatly into one category. It's most likely that they are a blend of everything. For instance, they might love the idea of surviving on very little, like a Primitive Skills Master, but they can't help splurging, every now and then, on some gear, like a Camping Enthusiast. At the same time, have they mentioned their theory about a meteor strike upending civilization (talk about a buzzkill)? Then they might also have a little Apocalpytics prepper in them! It's up to you to find out the right mix and pick the perfect gift package for your mix.

Now go forth and find the right gift! And try the app that will make it super easy with a special gift category that is hand-picked for survivalists.



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