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Entering a New Decade of Your Life 🧁🎉🎊

Here at, we are all about celebrating life! And yes, that means celebrating birthdays. . . big and small. Last year, I was lucky enough to enter a new decade of my life and it has been a true joy to live and get older. I've been watching some of my friends and family members enter this new decade over the last 6 months. Some of them are excited to jump in head first, while others sink into a pattern of negativity about all the problems that come with age.

I've thought a lot about the negativity that surrounds aging and why we are so afraid of it. Are we afraid of the wrinkles? Or are we really just afraid of dying? And if we are just afraid of death, it seems that we have no concept of life. After all, life is all about living and worrying about aging only impedes living and prevents us from enjoying the precious time that we have left.

I've decided that the only way we can change the narrative around aging is to surround it with positivity, celebration, and joy. Stop deciding not to celebrate birthdays in a BIG way. You should freaking celebrate - it's another year of life. If that's not something to celebrate, then what is? 🧁🎉🎊



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