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8 Great Summer Gifts That Will Be Sure To Dazzle

Do you have any summer birthdays coming up that have you scratching your head on gift ideas? The good thing about summer birthdays and other gifting occasions is they offer the perfect opportunity for fun gifts make the most sense during summer! At, we've curated a selection of 8 great summer gifts that will be able to delight a varied range of giftees. So if you're ready to slay summer gifting, read on!

For our first summer gift, let's start with a good old-fashioned outdoor game! The classic Hook & Ring game can be surprisingly addicting. This set from Elakai will look extremely stylish around your giftee's patio. It's made from Okoume wood and offers a space-effective way to add more fun to the backyard area. Once your giftee installs this in their outdoor space, backyard parties will really liven up!

Bocce Ball is a beautiful game from a beautiful country. Each player gets a set of colored balls and the aim of the game is to roll your ball as close as possible to the white ball. You can even knock the other player's ball right out of the way! It's a bit similar to curling, but it's clearly more of a summer sport. If your giftee hasn't ever had their own Bocce Ball set, you may find them quickly falling in love with Bocce Ball once they get the ball rolling(pun intended).

Cornhole boards have become a little bit ubiquitous in recent years and for good reason! These things are tons of fun for outdoor parties. For an outdoor game lover, this is an absolute must-have. The sets are designed by Elakai Outdoor and offer a wide range of options that feature strikingly beautiful landscape designs. The landscape designs you can choose range from Yosemite(shown above) to the Grand Tetons and more. With all these design options, you can get your giftee the cornhole boards that go perfectly with their home!

Horseshoes is a classic game that can easily be a blast! This Horshoe Game Set from Elakai is perfect for your giftee's game-oriented backyard. The horseshoes are made from forged steel and have a beautiful powder-coat finish. The whole set even comes with a very stylish bag for taking the horseshoe set on the go.

If your giftee loves to soack up the sun, they will definitely appreciate a pair of sleek and cool sunglasses like these from Honey Ocean! These sunglasses have polarized blue lenses inside some extremely stylish frames. The frames are built from lightweight recycled polycarbonate and the hinges are stainless steel. Not to mention, the lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB/400 protection. Your giftee's eyes will be seriously protected while looking seriously cool.

When spring and summer are on the horizon, is your giftee talking all that gardener talk like raised beds, soil, tomatoes and whatnot? Well, then you've got yourself the perfect summer gift right here! If your giftee is one who loves to spend their time kneeling in the garden, why not make that time even more enjoyable with this perfect Gardener's Tool Seat? Your giftee will be able to take the strain off their knees and back, as well as have a perfect place to store tools!

Skim Board - $225

Got a giftee who loves surf and sand? Then unleash them onto the beach with this skim board that can even double as a boogie board! Your surf-crazed giftee will be able to skim and boogie with the same board, giving them unprecedented options. This is the perfect summer gift for a giftee who has a little bit of beach bum in them - and hey, we could probably all use a little more beach bum in us!

That's right - your eyes do not deceive you. This is a portable wood-fired pizza oven! If your giftee is big into outdoor cooking in the summer, then they might go nuts when they see this beauty. All of a sudden, they can add wood-fired pizza night to their beloved list of summer cookout options!

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