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Brand Gift Profile: Kosterina

Kosterina has quickly become one of our favorite gifting brands! Their products are healthy and packed with luxurious flavor. We believe that it's only a matter of time before Kosterina's products have a cult-following as gift-giving staples. Check out some of our favorite Kosterina gifts below.

Housewarming Gift

This fun Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Set makes a great housewarming gift. Moving always requires a restocking of the essentials and with this set, they are covered! It has three types of olive oils, and three balsamic vinegars (including dark chocolate balsamic vinegar - yummm! 🍫).

Hostess/Host Gift

We have a little tip: Don't EVER show up to a dinner party empty handed! Instead of bringing a bottle of wine, bring the Everyday Olive Oil. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for dipping and finishing as well as cooking, baking, roasting, and grilling. It has a warm and smooth palette that adds so much to a huge range of dishes. We promise the host/hostess will absolutely love this!

Birthday or Holiday Gift for a Cooking Fanatic

If you have a friend or family member who loves to cook, he/she will absolutely love Kosterina's Heirloom Kitchen and Tasting Set. This set includes 1 bottle of Kosterina's classic Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 bottle of fig balsamic vinegar, and one bottle of garlic olive oil. Each is loaded with flavor as well as health benefits. Your giftee will have a blast in the kitchen with this set!

Our Personal Thoughts on Kosterina

We're health enthusiasts and foodies over here at We strive to offer the most authentic, unique, and healthy gifts possible. After all, quality is everything! That's why we were so excited to partner with Kosterina!

Kosterina started developing premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the U.S. market in 2016 when its founder, Kateria, realized that the majority of olive oils here in the U.S. are not as fresh and authentic as they claim to be.😲 Kateria is an olive oil sommelier and created an olive oil that is 100% Mediterranean, delicious, and of course, healthy!

Our Kosterina journey began on a Saturday when my husband and I were coming back from a morning cryotherapy session. We had jammed to Drake's Hotline Bling (let's face it, you can never go wrong with Drake) in a jumbo freezer and we were feeling on top of the world! We continued the party in the car on the way home by grooving, talking, and laughing. As we turned the corner back onto our street, I remembered the delicious olive oil that was waiting for us at home. "When should we try the olive oil?" I asked my husband casually. My husband suggested that to properly enjoy the olive oil, we should pick up a loaf of bread at the farmers market. I made a sharp turn back towards town and drove with eagerness. 🚗

Fifteen minutes later, we arrived at the local farmer's market and my husband picked up a loaf of fresh, whole wheat, organic, olive-loaf bread. The bread felt warm but then again we couldn't tell if the bread was warm from the heat of the day or because it was just out of the oven. Let's just agree it was the latter.

As soon as we arrived home, my husband cut the olive-loaf (which was delicious by the way. We ♥️ shopping local!) and made us each little pools of Kosterina Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the Kosterina Fig Balsamic Vinegar mixed in. The way the Kosterina bottles poured the olive oil and vinegar was clearly a feat of bottle engineering. The pour was perfectly-paced, and made it easy to pair the ideal proportion of smooth olive oil with the fruity vinegar. We dipped the bread and felt like Greek gods as we leaned back munching on a perfect late-morning snack. After all, we had worked hard for it. 😜

We've had plenty of blends of olive oil and vinegar, but this blend tasted different. Both the olive oil and vinegar had fruity notes but they weren't overpowering. The blend complimented the olive-loaf bread perfectly. The vinegar had a thick consistency and perfectly mixed with the smoothness of the olive oil, which almost left the bread feeling buttery. Quite frankly, we couldn't get enough!

I guess you could say we are converted. We will never go back to the organic olive oil from the grocery store because now, all we can ever use is 100% Mediterranean, delicious, smooth olive oil. We guarantee that your giftees will love Kosterina's products as much as we did. ♥️

Please note that Kosterina did not pay us for this post but we did receive samples of their products prior to posting this blog. We keep it real with our users and appreciate you all!


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