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The Story is here to reclaim the controversial term, “weirdos”, ​

as we believe that unorthodox, misfit, unique, eccentric, oddball, nonconformist beings redefine the world. We stand behind you and your freak flag and we encourage you to fly it high.  ​ believes that generosity will never be a lost art. ​

We strive to spread compassion and generosity in every aspect of our lives. ​ aims to reinvent the way gifts are purchased by repeatedly pushing the envelope. ​

We do not settle because we know that when we do, we miss out on essential growth as an organization and as individuals.  ​ strives to create symbiosis in the workplace. ​

Teamwork runs in our blood and inclusivity is not just something we preach; it is something we live by. ​ marches to the upbeat of its own drum. ​

We are a self-proclaimed Pollyanna and even when the water spills, the glass is always half-full. ​